Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yasser, that's my baby...Not

Good People gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, whaddya got to say to that, Maher! Max Fisher thinks he has the perfect response;
...if [Bill] Maher's argument is that the rise of ISIS proves that all of Islam is extremely violent and intolerant, then by the same logic wouldn't the spate of Muslim Nobel Peace Prize-winners prove that all Muslims are also extremely peaceful?
We interrupt to point out that is not what Maher argued; that all of Islam is extremely violent.
Here are the winners [the most recent five Muslim laureates] in the photo: Shirin Ebadi (Iranian activist, 2003), Mohamed ElBaradei (former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 2005), Muhammed Yunus (microfinance pioneer, 2006), Tawakkol Karman (Yemeni activist, 2011), Malala Yousafzai (Pakistani activist, 2014).
Which of course leaves out the murderous (Israeli schoolchildren and American diplomats) Yasser Arafat--also the truly honorable Anwar Sadat, who was murdered by Islamists for his part in making peace with Israel. But, isn't the last name on Max Fisher's list a girl who was shot in the head by Muslims who objected to her going to school, because girls should not be allowed to be educated.

Call us imperfect, but doesn't Malala's honor support Bill Maher's argument?

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