Monday, October 6, 2014

Cuando se proscriben los armas...

    the authorities will have less to worry about from the citizens. Who will have their own worries;
... the Nicolás Maduro administration announced new measures to help combat Venezuela’s rampant crime that will rely, in part, on the goodwill of the nation’s gun owners.
Who have little goodwill toward Maduro's Cuban security personnel.
The government will soon roll out its Disarmament Plan, which aims to rid the country of illegal firearms, paired with a smartphone app called Intelligent Patrol, which citizens can use to report suspected criminal acts.
Such as, Someone is trying to kill m....
Venezuela holds the distinction of having the second-highest murder rate in the region, behind only Honduras. The homicide rate in the South American country is 57.6 per 100,000 residents, according to the UN Global Study on Homicide 2013.
So, what does Nick propose to do about that?
For Luis Cedeño, sociologist and executive director of the Venezuelan NGO Active Peace, this new initiative is only one of many elements necessary to successfully reduce crime.
“The plan is based on voluntary disarmament of people, legally or illegally, carrying firearms for self-defense. This is not directed at criminals; only the police will disarm them.
If they aren't shot by them, first.

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