Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Irish byes?

Ryanair will have to re-evaluate its business dealings in France if this stands;
Ryanair is facing a €8.3m (£6.5m) penalty after losing an appeal against a decision that it broke French labour laws.
The no-frills carrier was found guilty of paying workers under Irish contracts to save money on payroll and other taxes.
Which contributes to the lower airfares paid by its customers, because;
Social charges in France are at around 40-45%, compared to 10.75% in Ireland.
There's always hope for Euro-justice
Ryanair's Robin Kiely said: "Ryanair will appeal this ruling to the French Supreme Court on the basis that European employment law clearly allows mobile workers on Irish registered aircraft to pay their taxes and social taxes in Ireland.
"We will also be seeking a referral to the European Court of Justice to prevent these attempts by the French authorities to claim social taxes that have already been paid in full to Ireland."

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