Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red State

That bastion of the middle class, Italy, bites the hands that feed their bank accounts;
Hundreds of thousands of protesters have rallied in Rome to protest Premier Matteo Renzi’s plan to make it easier to fire workers.
And consequently easier for employers to hire workers.
Two noisy marches crisscrossed the heart of the Italian capital Saturday, snarling traffic for hours. Protesters cheered CGIL labor confederation head Susanna Camusso when she promised more protests and strikes unless Mr. Renzi abandons efforts to give employers considerably more leeway to fire workers.
The CGIL is a Communist dominated union. Which seems to be oblivious to;
Nationwide, unemployment tops more than 12 percent. Nearly one of every two youths is unemployed, with many going abroad to find work. Mr. Renzi’s main goal of economic growth has so far proved elusive.
Funny that Credit Suisse thinks Italy is so prosperous. As we've already pointed out;
.... In Italy, nearly four-fifths (79%) of young adults were living with their parents.
At the same time that Italy's median family has a net worth of over $140,000?

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