Friday, October 31, 2014

L'enfant terrible

Not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as you have your ID to prove you're under 13;
After a string of incidents in which provacateur Pierrots have taken the fun out of funny, Vendargues Mayor Pierre Dudieuzere has issued an "absolute" ban in his southern French village on teenagers' and adults' dressing up as clowns for Halloween and November 1. After that, any teenager wanting to don the wig of everyone's favorite fool will have to ask for official authorization.

With the anti-jester gesture, Vendargues, population 6,000, wants to "avoid any disruption ... by evil clowns," Bruno Giraudo from the village hall told the news agency AFP on Thursday: "It's about protecting children by preventing any ill-intentioned clowns from mixing with residents."
Now, about those who are in the Palais de l'Elysée....

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