Saturday, October 4, 2014

Temperment, temperment

Argentines with the means do it, as the Top Gear guys can attest;
A Porsche used in filming had a registration plate that read H982 FKL.
When it should have read MLV, apparently. No word on what happened to the Argentine licensing agency that produced that, and similar, plates. Though if Argentina wants to downplay the stereotype of hot-blooded Latins, it failed here.
[Jeremy] Clarkson told the Sun newspaper, for which he writes a regular column: "We knew absolutely nothing about the number plate, it was just an unbelievable coincidence. I swear on my kids' lives.
"When we saw people on Twitter getting upset we took the plate off. But they still attacked us so we made a break for it to our hotel in Ushuaia.
"The mob just descended on the hotel and encircled us. State representatives came and ordered us out of the country."
The mob did more than just encircle the crew;
"There were hundreds of them. They were hurling rocks and bricks at our cars. They were trying to attack us with pickaxe handles.
"They were shouting. 'Burn their cars, burn them, burn the pirates'. I am convinced the mob was state organised."
Which is a logical supposition on Clarkson's part, as Argentina's politicians are doing quite a bit of that--stirring up animosities toward foreign bankers, say--these days. Easier than admitting they can't run a railroad.

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