Thursday, October 30, 2014

Emmanuel, help Laura out

The word she's looking for at about 39-1/2 minutes is touché. Which comes after about 20 minutes of maneuvering around the persistent Dean Rich Lyons' questioning of Emmanuel Saez and Laura Tyson, about the lack of evidence to support their theories of the damage that income inequality supposedly does.

The coup de grâce being when Lyons points out that people do move away from European social democracies that attempt too much redistribution of wealth. Thanks to Prof. J. Bradford DeLong for pointing us to the most entertaining encounter with Berkeley economists we've had recently.

Also, kudos to Laura Tyson for (later, in the Q&A) alerting a young woman to the opportunity costs of 'free' tuition at Tennessee community colleges. Of course, Tyson immediately forgets that lesson when she talks about parental leave, but...

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