Saturday, October 18, 2014

Need a monument? Look around at the empty shelves

Granma says, be there or be on our list of counterrevolutionaries;
The Hugo Chávez Institute for Advanced Studies [of Hugo Chávez] will promote research into the philosophy and legacy of the Bolivarian leader beginning with a series of conferences across Venezuela, the President of the institute, Adán Chávez, announced on Tuesday.
The Governor of Barinas state told the press that another of the objectives is to “encourage participation, be proactive, to work with his legacy and strengthen the homeland that he (Chávez) left us.
And they know how to 'encourage participation' in Venezuela.

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  1. That is a thought. If you miss a doctor appointment in a private health system, you don't get a service and you pay anyway.

    In a public health system (Obamacare+), you have wasted the valuable resources of the public health system. Wasting collective resources is fraudulent appropriation from your comrades. Jail is too lenient a response.

    Keep yourself healthy and productive comrade, or jail.