Friday, October 31, 2014

Gen U

To Uber; verb, transportive;
For Claire Danese, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, letting her son Rocco, 13, use the app through her account “was a no brainer,” she said.
.... Danese said. Rocco started using UberX about two months ago and spends $150 a month on the service, less than what the family paid for for taxi rides.
Rocco said he feels safe in an Uber car, especially since “the drivers are really nice, they help you to carry bags and give you drinks and candies.”
Rocco said he’s looking forward to driving himself in a few years, “but I’m not going to feel so comfortable initially and I know I’ll prefer to use Uber for the first two years to avoid crashes.”
Assuming the politicians let you, Rocco.

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