Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Che Day

In Cuba's Santa Clara (and probably among some in California's city of the same name) the legend lives on;
With equal devotion to that in 1958, when Che first entered this city, the people of Santa Clara, representing all of Cuba, will pay heartfelt tribute to the Heroic Guerrilla this October 8, in commemoration of the 47th anniversary of his death in combat on Bolivian soil.
As can be said about almost any announcement from the Castro brothers, Not exactly.

Che Guevara was murdered, in his prison cell, by a Bolivian army officer named Mario Tenan, on orders radioed from the Bolivian government in La Paz. Which spared the Castros the embarrassment of a trial of Guevara which might have illuminated that Che had been sent to Bolivia to get him out of the hair of Castro.

Castro abandoned Guevara to his fate in March 1967. Che's own diary details this, as do the interviews with the Bolivians who were also captured with Che on October 7th. All of this is nicely explained by Georgie Anne Geyer in her Guerrilla Prince: The Untold Story of Fidel Castro.

Che was a bum. An idiot mostly useful to Castro in death.

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