Friday, October 31, 2014

Marchar como es 1973

Like the good old days when the Chilean citizenry finally realized what they'd voted for, it's, take to the streets to fight communism-socialism;
A mass demonstration took place in Santiago, Chile, on Saturday, against the education reform proposed by the ruling New Majority (NM) coalition. Demonstrators rallied around the slogan #LaMarchaDeLosPapas (the parents’ march).
The policy in contention seeks to end profits in accredited educational institutions, subsidies for private high schools, and admissions selectivity. At this stage, the reform has the support of the Socialist, Christian Democrat, and Communist parties of Chile.
Michelle Bachelet's strategy was apparently to rely on the ignorance of the people;
Francisco Sánchez, a researcher at the Foundation for Progress, explained to the PanAm Post that the NM coalition has secured enough votes in both houses of the Chilean Congress to pass the reform: “It will most likely become law. It’s one of the symbolic promises of the presidential campaign, for which the political cost is nonexistent given that the population is not aware of the problems with education reform.”
But the people, again, aren't cooperating in their own destruction.

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