Sunday, October 26, 2014 he comes

Maybe Paul Krugman, Thomas Piketty, and all the other inequality-phobes have a point after all;
Flush with cash from California billionaire Tom Steyer's group, a Washington state environmental group is backing candidates this November to help Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee pass sweeping climate change legislation.
Inslee, who says the state has a moral responsibility to act on climate change, has gotten national attention for his efforts. But he's struggled to persuade some lawmakers in his own state, in part because of a state Senate controlled by a GOP-dominated coalition.
The Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund this month received $750,000 from Steyer's pro-environment super PAC, NextGen Climate Action. The state group is spending heavily to unseat three Republican incumbents in legislative races that could decide control of the state Senate.
Must be what IMF honchoess meant when she said;
Income disparity can bring more dire consequences too. "Disparity…brings division," [Christine] LaGarde said. "History…teaches us that democracy begins to fray at the edges once political battles separate the haves against the have-nots."

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