Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Siempre y en todo lugar en Argentina

Blame it on Rio's politicians. The gauchos have seen it before; Inflation is once again the main topic in Argentinean politics.

And el diciembre is the cruelest month;
This is a sensitive issue given that December is usually the most problematic month in Argentina, coinciding with Christmas shopping and coming just before the summer vacation period in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the month during which rioters have raided shops and supermarkets, leading to a dozen deaths in 2012 and several other casualties in 2013. Perhaps in order to avoid unrest, San Luis’ governor has announced a 2,000-peso bonus (€184) for government employees. La Rioja’s governor is also offering 300 to 400 pesos (€27 to €36) in extra pay.
So those who can, trade in el dinero de dólar;
...one Buenos Aires taxi driver who prefers to remain anonymous said: “I get paid and I buy dollars. I get paid and I buy dollars. I get paid and I buy ... My wife and I work on the Ministry of Security’s administrative staff. We live on what I make with the taxi. And we invest our salaries in dollars. That way we save, we make sure inflation does not it eat into it. Ten years ago a trip to the Caribbean cost $1,500 – same as today. But it’s much more in pesos. Then they might tell you that you don’t believe in the country, that you have to spend pesos, but the peso is not worth anything after a few months.”
Of course, it's all the yanquis' fault.

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