Friday, October 24, 2014

EU to UK: UO Nous

But Perfidious Albion prefers to pay less, not more;
British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday vehemently dismissed a request from the European Union for an additional 2.1-billion-euro payment into the bloc's coffers after a revision of official data showed the United Kingdom's economy was doing well.
"We are not suddenly going to get our checkbook and write a check for 2 billion euros. It's not going to happen," Cameron said on the second day of an EU summit in Brussels, adding that the surcharge was an unfair way to treat one of the bloc's biggest contributors
"I'm not against readjustments … but this is completely unacceptable," he said.
From each according to his Germany and France;
Another source of contention was the fact that France and Germany, the eurozone's most powerful and prosperous economies, will both receive rebates from the EU as their economies falter.

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