Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A fine mess you've gotten us into, Obamacare

The Physicians Foundation biennial survey says, among other things, that 81% of physicians surveyed think they're overextended or at full capacity. That's up from 75% in 2012.

Also, 44% of them plan to take steps that will reduce patients' access to their services in the future. 38% of them either do not see Medicaid patients or limit the number of such patients they will attend. 85% now have adopted Barack Obama's pet practice of electronic medical records (EMR), but 46% say that that has detracted from their efficiency, while only 24% say it improved matters.

Only 35% of doctors are now in independent practice, down from the 62% that were in 2008. And 46% of the medicos give the PPACA a D or F, while only 25% give it an A or B.

39% have decided to accelerate their plans to retire from practicing medicine thanks to recent changes in healthcare law.

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