Monday, October 13, 2014

Metedura de pata

Is what you call it when a Spanish businesswoman accidentally tells the truth;
Mónica Oriol, the first female president of one of Spain’s top business associations, the Círculo de Empresarios, has given a radio interview in which she says her words were taken out of context.
Which palabras were;
 “For a woman to have the same career as a man, she needs to sort out her family life first.”

.... “I prefer to hire women older than 45 or younger than 25 because when women become pregnant, we end up with a problem… If a woman falls pregnant and you can't get rid of her for the 11 years after she's had her child, who is a company employing?”

.... "We are creating so many rules in this country and in Europe in favor of women that what we are doing is isolating them from a professional career.”
But now she feels like, “a victim of myself… Not only do I not believe what I said, but I do the opposite; as a working woman myself, it’s my duty to criticize this situation.” 

 Women being so much better than men at doing their duty?

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