Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Attention à ce que vous désirez pour

Vous allez, les filles;
 Macholand.fr initially crashed due to the volume of traffic when it opened at 2pm, a clear indication of the strength of feeling on the issue in France.
“We want to crank up the level of intolerance against sexism,” Macholand.fr’s editor Clara Gonzales told FRANCE 24.
Except for when we don't;
The portrayal of the male Muslim babysitter called Nissar who wears a balaclava to signify the reversal of the Hijab has provoked criticism for the way he is assumed to be subservient and submissive to his partner reflecting a growing perception about Muslim women in French society and the associated intolerance for the hijab in French public sphere. One critic described this scene as “‘Islamophobic misogyny.”‘ The street gang involved in Pierre’s assault has also been criticized for fueling the stereotype of North African men as criminals and sexual predators.
These criticisms form part of a growing worry about the increasing stigmatization of France’s Muslim population, that is approximately five to six million people, the largest in Europe.
So, when Macholand.fr says they are;
... now looking for more volunteers to help monitor French public discourse to identify new targets and launch versions of the website in other countries.
How about Pakistan? Where they shoot girls in the head for enrolling in school.

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