Sunday, October 26, 2014

Di Fi anti-ROI 4U

The millionaire Senatoress from California, who is married to millionaire Real Estate investor Richard Blum, is firmly against anyone else making buck on their real estate in San Francisco;
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is poised to approve legislation that would legalize short-term stays in private homes that are negotiated through a number of online reservation systems.
This is a shortsighted action that would destroy the integrity of zoning throughout San Francisco, allowing commercial and hotel use in residential areas throughout the city.
That's her two cents worth published in the San Francisco Chronicle's Op-Ed section last week. She claims that allowing the little folks to earn an extra buck here and there will be bad, bad, bad;
This home-sharing legislation blurs those lines and provides for residential housing to be leased out for hotel use. As such, those of us who value the residential character of our neighborhoods and are invested in the city’s quality of life will see all of this washed away by a blanket commercialization of our neighborhoods.
It’s no secret that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in which to live. The legislation approved by the board will encourage property owners and renters to vacate their units and rent them out to hotel users, further increasing the cost of living.
Simply put, this bill will further increase already sky-high rental costs.
If she's so rich--estimated combined net worth of her and her husband being over $100 million--why isn't she smarter in the things she writes for publication?

Oh, she and her husband happen to own a hotel (The Carlton) in San Francisco.

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