Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Indian immigrant Kshama Sawant intimidates her fellow Seattle City Council members into trashing Italians;
Resolution Number: 31538

A RESOLUTION relating to Indigenous Peoples' Day; declaring the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples' Day in the City of Seattle; encouraging other institutions to recognize the Day; and reaffirming the City's commitment to promote the well-being and growth of Seattle's American Indian and Indigenous community.
That passed unanimously, since Native Americans--who are immigrants from Asia--are fashionable, and Italian Americans--represented by Christopher Columbus--aren't (Seattle councilmember Bruce Harrell said..."I make no excuses for this legislation." He said he co-sponsored the resolution because he believes the city won't be successful in its social programs and outreach until "we fully recognize the evils of our past.") in Latte-ville.

From the resolution (not a poster in The Indigenous People's Bookstore);
WHEREAS, the City of Seattle recognizes that the Indigenous Peoples of the lands that would later become known as the Americas have occupied these lands since time immemorial...
Which ignores that what are called Indians or Native Americans are actually native to India (Asia).  They walked into America over what is now the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.
WHEREAS, the City recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands  and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible...
Actually, it would have been easier to build the City of Seattle on its present location if there had been no one here.
WHEREAS, the City values the many contributions made to our community through Indigenous Peoples' knowledge, labor, technology, science, philosophy, arts and the deep cultural contribution that has substantially shaped the character of the City of Seattle...
Compared to the Rosellini family's restaurants, Gai's and Borraccini's bakeries, DeLaurenti's Pike Place Market?
WHEREAS, the City of Seattle has a responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards Indigenous people in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty and income inequality, exacerbating disproportionate health, education, and social crises...
Which is largely thanks to paternalistic government policy toward Indian tribes, rather than treat them as simply other Americans.
WHEREAS, the City promotes the closing of the equity gap for Indigenous Peoples through policies and practices that reflect the experiences of Indigenous Peoples, ensure greater access and opportunity, and honor our nation's indigenous roots, history, and contributions...
Because Indians are so cute they couldn't be allowed to make their own way,as they see fit, in life without interference from politicians with way too much self-esteem.
WHEREAS, Indigenous Peoples' Day was first proposed in 1977 by a delegation of Native Nations to the United Nations- sponsored International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas...
Most of whom live happier, healthier, wealthier lives in the United States than 90% of the world's population outside of it.

In other business, the Seattle councilpersons passed a law prohibiting poor Seattleites from living in small spaces. They should pitch wigwams on vacant lots?

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