Friday, October 31, 2014

Who's afraid of Fiona?

(Otherwise known as Lord Mayor of London Woolf) NAPAC that's who;
Victims' groups have told Home Office officials they are "unanimous" in the view that the head of an inquiry into historic child sex abuse should resign.
The inquiry would be a "dead duck" if Fiona Woolf remained chairwoman, Peter Saunders from National Association for People Abused in Childhood said.
That is, he might not get the political pay-off he expected. [our bold, above]
Victims have called for her to step down because of her social links to ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan.
A spokesman said PM David Cameron was "absolutely clear" she can do the job.
Those social links being that the LMoL once had Lord and Lady Brittan to her home for dinner in 2008. Which supposedly disqualifies her for;
The inquiry will look at whether public bodies and other institutions did enough to protect children from sexual abuse from 1970 to the present day.
Anyone who gave a dinner party between 1970 and now, need not apply?

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