Friday, October 31, 2014

Mary has a little lampoon

Vote for me, because my opponent is a Nazi?
Seeking to regain the momentum in the governor's race Friday, Democrat Mary Burke released a pair of ads, one with a former president and the other with an image of a swastika taken from the Facebook page of a Gov. Scott Walker supporter and Burke critic.
That's class. And, about that War on Women, who better to speak than Bill Clinton;
To make a closing case to voters, Burke debuted a new ad Friday featuring Clinton, who is fresh off a campaign visit for her in Milwaukee a week ago. The spot features the former president speaking directly into the camera — a technique often used by Walker himself.
"If you're ready for a governor who will get up every day thinking about your family and building the middle class, you're ready for Mary Burke," Clinton says in the ad.
Well, we're sure you are, Bill;

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