Tuesday, September 22, 2015

...your Norse speaking Syrians yearning to scythe for free

Norway's farmers don't want Lilyhammerers, they want sons for their soil;
“They (the refugees) could learn a lot more about Norwegian culture and the language than they do in a sterile asylum center,” farmer Kjetil Larsgard from Hallingdal told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Larsgard said his family would more than gladly take in refugees, who he thinks can be a great resource for the country. “And having direct, personal contact with a Norwegian farming family is much better than playing ping pong at a refugee center,” he told NRK.
Though he hasn't asked the Syrians themselves if they think so. Nor did his neighbor;
One of his farming neighbours, Ole Bjørn Kleven, agreed and thinks the refugees would be welcomed and highly valued in agricultural communities, especially those faced with depopulation. The refugees could also make themselves useful right away, by helping out around the farm.
“Everyone who’s ever been involved with farming knows that there’s always more than enough to do,” Kleven told NRK. “That could be anything from clearing a field for stones to repairing a fence.” 
And a friendly chat;
“They also need someone who cares about them, and can talk to them, and I think that Norwegian farmers and the agricultural industry have a lot to offer,” he said.
All those Arabic speaking Norwegian farmers?

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