Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Better to have them inside the tent...

Uber adopts the advice of LBJ (with regard to J. Edgar Hoover) and hires the hackers for itself;
Charlie Miller, who had been working at Twitter Inc., and Chris Valasek, who worked at security firm IOActive, have resigned from their jobs and will join Uber next week.

Miller and Valasek won wide attention last month after demonstrating that they could hack into a moving Jeep.

Uber said that Miller and Valasek will join the company’s Advanced Technologies Center, a research laboratory Uber opened in Pittsburgh in February and staffed with dozens of autonomous vehicle experts hired away from Carnegie Mellon University.
Nor should drivers for Uber expect to have a long career;
As Uber plunges more deeply into developing or adapting self-driving cars, Miller and Valasek could help the company make that technology more secure.

Uber envisions autonomous cars that could someday replace its hundreds of thousands of contract drivers. The San Francisco company has gone to top-tier universities and research centers to build up this capability.
Autonomous cars wouldn't be paid the minimum wage.

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