Monday, September 7, 2015

Every day a Labour day (at the museum)

The comrades at Morning Star The People's Daily celebrate;
A FOOD festival was “invaded” by striking museum workers on Saturday as a bitter dispute over weekend working benefits continued.

Workers from all of the National Museum of Wales’s sites, including former miners employed at the Big Pit coal mining museum in Torfaen, marched to the St Fagans National History Museum in Cardiff, where guests were enjoying fancy grub.
If someone, somewhere, somehow is enjoying himself, the comrades must be outraged.

Thousands of visitors looked on as the protesters stormed the festival following a rally supported by Cardiff Trades Council, which was addressed by Welsh Labour AM Lynne Neagle.

Earlier in the morning, museum pickets had been supported by striking bus drivers with transport union RMT.
We wonder how the comrades would react if the museums decided to call the compensation of museum workers who work when there are customers, 'peak pay', and to cut the amount for workers who are around when there are few or no patrons, as 'off peak pay'.

This thing we call a rose....

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