Thursday, September 24, 2015

She's a saint

Or should be anyway, thinks Pope Francis of Dorothy Day. Who also was a Communist and a supporter of Fidel Castro (and were she still alive, would probably think Nick Maduro is just swell). But, is the Pope a socialist?

Perish the thought;
He praised one as a man of prayer, the other for her "passion for justice." But many Americans might need a reminder about two of the people Pope Francis discussed in Congress on Thursday: philosopher Thomas Merton and activist Dorothy Day.The two Catholics were mentioned alongside two other, more famous names: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.
Just a coincidence that the non-socialist Pope mentioned, for praise, a Marxist inspired critic of capitalism. Sure.

[Update:] The Daily Mail noticed too;

A divorced Fidel Castro fan who had a string of affairs, an abortion and spoke up for Ho Chi Minh: The VERY unusual American Catholic 'saint' praised by the Pope

That's the Mail's response to the Pontiff's;
'In these times when social concerns are so important, I cannot fail to mention the Servant of God Dorothy Day, who founded the Catholic Worker Movement [newspaper],' he said.

'Her social activism, her passion for justice and for the cause of the oppressed, were inspired by the Gospel, her faith and the example of the saints.'

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