Friday, September 4, 2015

Aquél que no aprende de la historia ...

The last time Chile and Cuba cooperated (1970-73) it took a military coup to undo the damage. Of all people, Michelle Bachelet ought to remember that. Hope springs eternal?
Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and his Chilean counterpart Heraldo Muñoz met yesterday September 3, in Havana, with the objective of deepening political ties and strengthening the two countries’ commercial and investment relations.

....Muñoz emphasized the importance of the meeting and noted that the principal areas of cooperation between the two countries will continue to be in the cultural, academic, economic, tourism and scientific arenas.

He added that the three day visit reflects the priority his country’s gives to the region, “especially Cuba, given its history, diplomacy and bilateral relations.”
The history including;
One reason Allende might have been so confident was that he'd created a private army 10,000-12,000 strong of foreign Marxists, heavily armed with weapons from Cuba and the Soviet Union.  Those foreign troops were the people Pinochet's forces were after in the wake of the coup.
Then again, that may be a feature not a bug for Michelle;

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