Monday, September 7, 2015

The sun'll come out tomorrow?

Maybe not for 1,200 kids in the state of Washington, whose schools the Grinches stole;
The Washington Supreme Court has ruled the state’s voter-approved charter-school law unconstitutional.
The decision casts a shadow over Tacoma’s first three charter schools that opened in August, leaving their funding in jeopardy.
Note our bold above. This is the same WSSC that is fining the state legislature--speaking of things unconstitutional--$100,000 per day until it passes legislation increasing funding for schools. Certain schools, that is;
A coalition of groups — including the state teachers union, a group of Washington school administrators and the League of Women Voters — sued the state in 2013 to stop the new charter system, adopted by voters in 2012. That ballot initiative made Washington the 42nd state to approve charters.
Not exactly a bold new experiment. But, the special interests rule the state supreme court in Washington state, when it comes to educating its children.

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