Monday, September 21, 2015

'Better the Iron Lady, than all those cardboard men.'

We're reminded of that 1980's bon mot from a British youth during a BBC man-in-the-street interview, when we saw this from the comrades at Morning Star, The People's Daily;
[Liberal Party leader] TIM FARRON botched his bid to woo Labour voters and MPs to the Lib Dems this weekend by describing some of Thatcher’s most divisive acts as “undoubtedly necessary.

....“I am nostalgic for my youth but I am not nostalgic for those Labour economic policies which created the space for Margaret Thatcher to win in the first place and which kept her in power for a decade,” he said.

....“She was very good at tearing things down — the over-wielding power of the union bosses, old-fashioned industrial practices stuck in the past, public-sector monoliths removed from the people they served.”
Now, let's think; which American politician most resembles the Iron Lady?

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