Monday, September 14, 2015

Viva la coupación!

Chilean kids can march peacefully--and some not so peacefully--in the streets today, because 40+ years ago, Augusto Pinochet stood ready to do violence in their behalf. And the Castros aren't going to let Granma's readers forget that;
“The call for the march was clear: truth and justice now,” stated the President of the Association of Families of the Arrested and Disappeared, Lorena Pi­zarro, to DPA, adding that more than 40 years after the coup, many of those responsible for the crimes committed under the dictatorship are old and could die before facing justice.

“We are on the verge of seeing almost total impunity, given the lack of political will on the part of the government and all state institutions,” noted Pizarro.

“We need the truth and justice today, because tomorrow the violators of human rights will be dead,” she added.
Yeah, even Fidel and Raul will be gone soon. But today Chile is the freest, most prosperous nation in Latin America. Had not Chile's military acted when it did--at the invitation of the Chamber of Deputies, which Fidelator Salvador Allende was going to abolish, btw--those kids would be every bit as free as Elian Gonzalez today.

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