Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bear it (to the auction block) and grin

If you own a Modigliani nude, you're in the money;
“Reclining Nude” depicts a nude brunette with cherry lips, a pixie hairdo and a swan-like neck who lies stretched across a red coverlet with a blue pillow, her eyes coyly closed. To give his odalisque a modern twist, he zooms in on her sensuous form, cutting her hands and lower legs from the frame. Her heart-shape face also reveals Modigliani’s fondness for Cycladic figures from antiquity.
Christie's International predicts the 1917 painting will fetch $100 million when it goes up for bid this fall. That's up significantly from the $68.9 million the same artist's  “Nude Sitting on a Sofa (Belle Romaine),” got five years ago at Sotheby's.

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