Saturday, September 12, 2015

Amen, Amen and Amen

As Larry the Liquidator famously put it;

The fastest way to go broke, down the tubes, is to get an increasing share of a declining market.
When Jeremy Corbyn entered the race to lead the Labour Party earlier this year, he struggled to get the 35 nominations from members of parliament needed to make it onto the ballot. That is a distant memory after he won a resounding victory to become the leader of the party. With 59.5 percent of the first-preference votes, Corbyn's mandate beats that won by Tony Blair in 1994.

Corbyn has never held a ministerial role. His rivals collectively have far greater experience in government. But Andy Burnham won just 19 percent of the vote, Yvette Cooper 17 percent; Liz Kendall, the Blairite candidate, came last, with just 4.5 percent.
But, Corbyn is the best goddamn buggy whipper Labour ever saw.

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