Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ya' should live so long

Never to see the Seattle Mariners play in a World Series;
“You’re from Sports Illustrated?” she asks.
“I suppose you’re not here for the swimsuit edition.”
Nope, but he did get to see Hisashi Iwakuma pitch a no-hitter, on the TV at Evelyn Jones's assisted living facility. The SI reporter was there because, a month earlier, Jones had thrown out the first pitch at a Mariners game. Which was on July 11th of this year. It was also the 101st anniversary of Babe Ruth's first major league pitch in 1914. She was alive (7 years old) at that time.
Before Jones, the oldest person believed to have thrown a first pitch was Agnes McKee, who did so last season at a Padres game at age 105.
And her beloved Mariners (below .500 again, with no chance to make the playoffs)?
“There’s always next year.”
When she'll be 109.

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