Friday, September 25, 2015

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoooooo

Give Labour a break clause and they'll have a list of passenger [rail] that's pretty big;
A LABOUR government under Jeremy Corbyn could take rail franchises back into public ownership before they expire, the Morning Star can reveal today.
They said, rubbing their hands together in glee. That's because of something in the contracts private rail operators have with government, called break clauses. Apparently having nothing to do with tea time.

What makes the comrades at Morning Star: The People's Daily so excited (they got drubbed in the last election)? Well, there's a Labour Party conference this Sunday, and they have to have something to talk about. Talking being what they do best.
Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) general secretary Manuel Cortes, whose union is behind the motion to next week’s conference, said Labour should think about “accelerating” renationalisation through invoking break clauses “if this is in the interests of passengers.”
Yeah, IF.
While Labour should make a “bolder” commitment to ending the franchising system and taking back all routes, he said, TSSA’s motion would reiterate the NPF’s call for a new “guiding mind” to combine buying trains with ticketing powers and track maintenance.
“All new rolling stock should be purchased through public procurement,” the TSSA leader added, “to boost the manufacturing capacity in the UK and create a better skills base.”
Galbraith...Galbraith...?  And all the other suspects who been workin' on the railroad;
Train drivers’ union Aslef is expected to second the call. Its leader Mick Whelan told the Star: “We will support any opportunity for the railways to be bought back into public ownership.”
Now all you need to do is convince a few million English and Scottish voters to return you to power.

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