Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jeff Bezos just buy three pigs in a poke?

You might call Dan Neil of the WSJ the Anti-Top Gear;
Let’s be clearheaded: As much as car companies would like you to believe the products and brands are all different and special, they are, functionally, mostly not, at least insofar as most consumers would exercise them. Really, dude, is a car that goes to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds better than one that goes in 4.0? You are never going to…I mean, what kind of soulless monstrosity are you?
The truth is, vast forces are at work making cars of the same function and same price virtually the same car.
The Monroney [sticker on the car window] also includes the “Parts Content Information” section notes that our Sorento, built in West Point, Ga., has 53% U.S./Canadian parts.

I feel confident much of this red tape and regulation will be swept away in the first days of the Kanye administration.
Compared to the millions Amazon is shelling out to Messieurs Clarkson, May and Hammond they probably could have gotten Dan Neil for the pocket change that collected in the Sorento's leather trim seats.

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