Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's the matter with Seattle's kids today?

Their (legalized) monopoly provider of schooling refuses to meet (what the state constitution calls) 'a paramount duty' to turn up and educate the children they're paid to service. It is against the law in Washington state for public school teachers to go on strike;
Thousands of Seattle teachers marched on picket lines Wednesday, striking for the first time in three decades amid increasing complaints that their salaries have not kept up with the city's booming tech economy.
Funny we didn't hear any offers to give back some money after the Great Recession of 2008 hit, and teachers were protected from that economic shock. Seattle's teachers earn about $44,000 for first yearlings, to almost $90K for the most experienced. Which is well above what the average Seattleite makes.
The walkout, which began on what was supposed to be the first day of school, comes as teachers in Seattle have gone six years without a cost-of-living increase, and many say they are scrambling to afford housing in a city where living expenses are rapidly increasing.
Again, it's funny that the teachers don't take some other, higher paying job, if that immediately above paragraph is factual. If it's because none (or few) of them qualify for those 'tech economy' jobs, then the 'booming' is irrelevant to their situations.

What is, is the marketplace for people with degrees in 'education'. Who work in local monopolies--recently enforced by the state's Supreme Court--where the trade-off is, legally; no striking. Now all the kids need is for some adults to enforce the law. On their behalf.

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