Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The man without a country to sue...someone

Edward--it's all about me, me, me, me--Snowden picks on puny little Norway (Russia being too powerful with its nukes?);
American fugitive and whistle-blower Edward Snowden was, as expected, forced to resort to video link over the weekend when accepting a prize he won from a Norwegian group that champions freedom of expression. He took the opportunity to criticize not only his US homeland, where he faces treason charges, but Russia (where he has asylum) and Norway as well, and he may even sue Norway for failing to offer him protection from US authorities.
Talk about 'biting the hand...'
For the time being, Snowden is forced to remain in Moscow, where he was when US authorities nullified his US passport. Snowden said he sought asylum in 21 countries, including Norway, and was met with silence. Russia was the only one to offer him asylum and he’s thus been there since 2013, even though he has boldly declared that Russia was one of the last places he wanted to live because of its own restrictions on freedom of expression. “The Russian authorities control more and more of the Internet, they control what folks are allowed to see,” he claimed, adding that the media and communications control is both “disappointing and frustrating.”
Let's see, there's always North Korea, Venezuela, or Pope Francis's latest beau ideal, Cuba.
Now Snowden says he’s willing to sue to test his legal right to asylum in another, more democratic country, as a whistle-blower.  Norway, Germany, Switzerland and France are the most likely places, he said, where he may legally demand his right in an attempt to obtain asylum.
Guess not.
He also called on Norwegian authorities, both in the foreign ministry and in other state agencies, to think about how the US asked them to violate their own standard procedures, asylum rules and respect for international rights to seek asylum. Norway, in his view, lost an opportunity to assert its own independence.
Speaking as a lost opportunist himself.

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