Monday, September 14, 2015

Remember the Malvinas!

Argentina's ambassador to the Court of St.James, has a friend in Jeremy;
Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alicia Castro, celebrated the victory of Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party. “His victory has changed things,” Castro told a newspaper. “He is the British Member of Parliament who has showed interest in Latin America. He has developed a deep understanding of the issues and he shares our concerns,” she added.

Castro added Coryb “has emphatically expressed his solidarity to Argentina against the vulture funds’ usurer interests and has favoured the sovereign debt renegotiation. In brief, he is one of us.”
So, maybe he'll give over the Falkland Islands that Maggie Thatcher fought to retain?
The Ambassador considered Jeremy Corbyn will push for changes in the UNited Kigdom regarding the negotiation of Malvinas Islands’ sovereignty as he integrated the Pro Group Malvinas Dialogue and he opposed the 1982 war.
As we said, an increasing share of a declining market.

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