Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off...

The Patriots start it all over again tonight against the Steelers (but not on the sunny side of the street). Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks want just one more chance (Sam Coslow, not Dorothy Fields)
No team has been to three consecutive Super Bowls since the 1990-93 Buffalo Bills went to four in a row. The Bills’ run ended the season before the NFL instituted the salary cap designed to limit franchises’ abilities to keep core players together long enough to do what Seattle is about to attempt.

“That’s such an obvious factor. It’s brought up all the time,” [Head Coach Pete] Carroll said of how no one thinks the Seahawks can rebound from the Super Bowl defeat. “We understand that. We get that.

“I mean, how many teams get back twice? How many teams get back there three times (in a row)? There’s no reason for anybody to think you can do that. It doesn’t happen.

“So that’s a cool thing. That’s a cool challenge for us.”
Grab your coat. Get your hat. Leave your interceptions on the doorstep....

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