Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gunfight at OAS corral

The Bolivarian Kid (AKA, Nick Maduro) needs a shoot-em-up with his neighbor, to distract attention from the rioting at his own spread, says Global Risk Insights (Know Your World);
The main problem is Venezuela’s economic meltdown, with chronic food shortages and nearly 120% inflation fueling outbreaks of street violence. This weekend, following days of unrest and turmoil, with mobs looting supermarkets in search for food in several cities, the government declared the expropriation of Nestle’s warehouses and depots, as well as those of PepsiCo, Cargill, and others.
What is more, on August 22nd Maduro decreed a state of exception and martial law in the border state of Tachira for 60 days, following a gunfight between Venzuelan forces and alleged Colombian traffickers that left several officers injured.
All the while meeting with Colombian diplomats in Havana, talking peace!
A central aspect to [Juan Manuel] Santos’ Presidency in Colombia is his electoral promise to put an end to the five-decade-long war with FARC and ELN communist guerrillas. Peace talks between the Colombian Government and FARC have taken place in La Havana with Venezuela playing a key role as trusted interlocutor with FARC. A withdrawal of Venezuela from the process could certainly entail the collapse of peace talks.
The 'five-decade-long war' in question, having been instigated by Fidel Castro to export his own Cuban revolution.