Saturday, September 19, 2015

NFL Salary Cap is 'straining

Though it is twice blest, as it falls both on those who take and those who give, even if Michael Bennett seems unaware of it;
[Seahawk] Michael Bennett is like [Seahawk] Kam Chancellor. Except he’s playing.

Both are unhappy with their salaries for 2015. Both signed deals that the league’s market at their respective defensive positions has since eclipsed.
Which their agents ought to have anticipated, since it's been occurring for years.
Unlike Chancellor, the Seahawks team leader who completed the 49th day of his holdout on Thursday and will miss his second consecutive game this weekend, Bennett is here with his teammates. Even though he, too, wants more money now, Bennett will be starting again Sunday night for Seattle in its NFC championship-game rematch at Green Bay.
Because Chancellor is a bachelor, and Bennett isn't. And Bennett's wife handles him better than an All Pro O-Lineman (My wife wouldn’t let me hold out.). And since Chancellor is over half a million dollars poorer already (and counting), the Bennett Better Half is the better economist.
"[Already being paid e]nough? Guys are putting their bodies on the line every day. They deal with pain, daily. And they want to be compensated fairly. As the (salary) cap goes up (annually), as the market goes up … he’s just being a business man.
In which case he should realize the salary cap constraint is binding. The teams only have so much money to use for salaries, and more for a Michael Bennett is less for someone else. The reporter should have asked Bennett who he thinks should be paid less, in order to sweeten his and his teammate Cam's paychecks.

Though, there's no shortage of advice available;
Guard Josh Sitton is one of the [Green Bay] Packers who will be trying to slow down Bennett Sunday at Lambeau Field. Sitton said of Bennett to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Thursday in Green Bay: “I think he’s extremely underpaid. If he would like to hold out, he should do it now.”

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