Thursday, September 17, 2015

This hedgehog knows one big thing: Lay low

Newly elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn couldn't hide from Prime Minister's Questions time in Parliament, but he could assume the fetal position;
...the Commons is an ancient institution where the basic rules of political gravity still apply. Someone who is a dud at the despatch box and in the main positions almost always gets found out, in the end. The end may come sooner than expected for Corbyn if he carries on like this.

It was for that reason, I suspect, that Corbyn at least had enough residual sense to take the only option available to him at PMQs this week. Instead of attacking Cameron, he read out emails from people around the country. It kind of worked, as a defensive measure.

As one MP put it to me earlier today: “He wanted to present himself at PMQs as the smallest possible target, to roll himself up in a ball like a hedgehog and make himself tough to attack.”
That's from Iain Martin at CAPX, who thinks Corbyn will soon regret the tactic. That is because the foam-at-the-mouther-socialists won't tolerate his defensiveness, and it can easily be turned against him. The PM can just make up a few e-mails of his own to read;

There was much fun to be had on the internet after PMQs when those on Twitter generated spoof questions mocking the Labour leader’s approach, and it will be highly surprising if Cameron and the Tory whips aren’t working on a deadly scheme to make Corbyn’s approach look utterly ridiculous.
Such as;
“I’m glad the leader of the opposition is involving the people of this country in PMQs. It is an important innovation for which he deserves praise. Now, I’ve also been getting emails from members of the public. Mary from Nuneaton asked me this question. She asks: should the Shadow Chancellor be a man who hailed the bravery of the IRA armed struggle that cost the lives of more than 1800 civilians? No, Mr Speaker, I do not think such a person should be entrusted with the vitally important post of Shadow Chancellor, a position held by many distinguished figures in the past when Labour was a serious, patriotic party.”

Repeat this on any topic you like where Corbyn has a weakness. It is a long list. Should MPs know the words to the national anthem? Does the Labour leader support his party’s policy on welfare?
Has Labour's leader ever watched Peter Sellers' performance as Fred Kite in I'm All Right, Jack?

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