Monday, September 14, 2015

SEIU're in the money

They call it the Golden State, and it will be for union officers if this proposal goes through;
SEIU Local 1000’s top four leaders, including President Yvonne Walker, would each receive from $66,000 to nearly $100,000 in union money if the local’s board approves a new stipend proposal next month.

Currently, Walker and vice presidents Margarita Maldonado, Tamekia Robinson and Theresa Taylor, are on paid leave from their state jobs to work on union business full time. By contract, the union reimburses their state government employers for their wages and benefits. The union does not pay them more for their services.
Ms Walker thinks she's worth it, and that,
the plan actually “upholds union values and union principles” by setting appropriate compensation for leading state government’s biggest labor organization. ....

“If you’re doing the work,” Walker said during a telephone interview, “you should get paid for it.”
In this case she will be paid for not doing the work that somebody else does.
The stipend proposal would bridge the gap between the local president’s state base pay (which does not include benefits) and the base wage plus 10 percent of the highest-paying state job represented by Local 1000.

According to state payroll records, the base wage for a nurse consultant last year was $131,465 , the highest pay of any job covered by the local.

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 Nice work if you can't get it.

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