Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kicking the 'can' down the open road

Words that we aren't at all surprised to hear;
Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, who late this year will host the United Nations World Climate Conference, told the daily Le Parisien that the goal was to show that "Paris can operate without cars".
It could operate without croissants, wine and cheese too. The question should be, What are the costs and benefits of doing without? And, maybe give some second thoughts to the type of fuel those cars burn;
France has the highest percentage of diesel cars on the road in Europe. They have been popular as successive governments have subsidised the fuel, making it cheaper than gasoline.
But it's clean diesel. The Germans told us so, and have they ever lied to us?

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  1. Environmentalism looks like the Back to the 1500's movement. Small towns, little travel, peaceful, simple, low-cost living.

    Oh, but not small towns. Progressive politicians need concentrated population centers to tax and support their special lives dedicated to the preservation of the Earth. Their sacrifice is to fly to remote and beautiful destinations, attend boring conferences between tennis and golf, and eat local and gourmet foods to keep up their strength in support of the people of the world.