Monday, April 14, 2014

Your golden sun will shine for SEIU

The SEIU's proposed new contract with the city includes calls for:
-- A 15 percent raise over the next three years.-- A $21-an-hour minimum wage for all city workers.-- Fully paid health coverage for single workers, 98 percent paid coverage for couples and 85 percent coverage for families.-- A free clinic just for city workers to go along with the health coverage.-- A free $50,000 life insurance policy for SEIU workers. Seven other city unions already have free life insurance.
The Bay Area is apparently an irony-free-zone;
"This is about income equality," said Larry Bradshaw, vice president of SEIU Local 1021. He noted that when times were lean, workers took cuts. Now with the economy on the upswing, he said, they deserve their share.
SEIU workers employed by the city now earn an average of $33 an hour, plus benefits. More than 1,300 of them - mainly nurses and those in supervisory positions - made more than $100,000 last year. 

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