Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nice Ivan, nice Ivan...

... a string of very powerful German businessmen are lining up to say how important Russia is, from the boss of Siemens, often pictured with President Putin, to the chief executives of Adidas and of the steel giant Thyssen Krupp.
A short distance from the Bundestag there is a grand Soviet memorial to those killed liberating Berlin. It is in need of some loving attention. Some of the letters on the inscription have fallen off - the "V" in soviet has gone, for example.
On top of the columns is a huge statue of a Red Army soldier, gazing down at anyone bold enough to look up at him.
I say "gazing", but actually he's staring. He may be inert and bronze, but I have to say I find it hard to look him straight in his fierce eyes.
He seems to be saying: "We rescued you. Don't forget where power lies."
Not with Barack Obama, that's for sure.

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