Wednesday, April 23, 2014

But everyone I know voted for it!

Seattle PI columnist Joel Connelly doesn't understand why the rabble don't think like him...and the missus;
The ballot proposal to rescue Metro bus service in King County was being run over by voters on Tuesday night, winning just 44.72 percent of the vote in the first “dump” of election results.
Prop. 1 called for an 0.01 percent sales tax increase, and a car tab fee, with 60 percent of revenue going to stave off cuts in bus service, and the remaining 40 percent earmarked for roads.  Metro has warned that it will have to cut bus service up to 17 percent without a new revenue source.
“I am totally stunned,” said Seattle City Councilwoman Jean Godden.  “I felt sure it would pass.  I can only hope these are early returns . . . Our buses, as is, are overcrowded.  Almost every day, my office fields complaints from people who were passed on the street by overcrowded buses.”
Jean Godden is not only herself a former PI columnist, but Mrs. Joel Connelly.
Prop. 1 was put on the ballot by a unanimous vote of the King County Council, including four Republicans who sit on the officially non-partisan panel.
Its supporters put together a coalition of 275 community organizations and endorsers, including urban Seattle politicians, suburban and exurban mayors, the Metropolitan King County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Seattle Association, and the MLKing County Labor Council. 
Everyone who counts...for Joel.

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