Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bigger dig

The tunnel to nowhere soon gets expensiver and expensiver;
The contractor digging a highway tunnel under Seattle is asking for $190 million in extra pay. Documents obtained by The Seattle Times show Seattle Tunnel Partners has asked for $62.6 million in change orders on top of the $125 million they want for repairing the tunnel-boring machine.
....If the state has to pay the whole amount, it would add 13 percent to the project already valued at $1.44 billion.
The state's Highway 99 tunnel administrator downplayed the requests from Seattle Tunnel Partners, however, saying there was a "very slim chance" the state would have to pay for those expenses.
Its numerous critics thought there was a very slim chance that this project would be completed trouble free as advertised, by its supporters. Who turned out to be right.

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