Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sólo un momento

No por favor, señores. We're socialists;
The coalition between the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the United Left (IU) in the Andalusia region took a step closer to falling apart on Friday, as the IU coordinator, Antonio Maíllo, announced that there had been a “momentary suspension of the agreement.” The statement came in the wake of Socialist premier Susana Díaz’s decision to take away the power of the public works department – which is controlled by IU – to decide who should be awarded subsidized housing.
The conflict was sparked when 22 squatter families were relocated from a residential building known as La Utopía in Seville. For nearly two years, these residents had been living illegally in a bank-owned property. After being forced out by the police on Sunday, the families decided to camp out across from City Hall. The Andalusian public works and housing department, which is overseen by IU member Elena Cortés, beganhanding out keys to public housing units to some of the squatters on Wednesday.
As a result, on Friday a decree was published in the official regional gazette taking the power away from the IU at the public works and housing department to decide who gets subsidized homes.
As the saying goes, from each according to our ability to take it away....

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