Sunday, April 27, 2014

Got trouble in Birmingham city

Fortunately they (and the BBC) also have Lord Digby Jones;
Lord Jones explains how [the reality television show] The New Troubleshooter came about, and how he came to pick up the baton from his ‘hero’ Sir John Harvey-Jones, who presented the first series in 1990.
And he explains why he dislikes the way business is portrayed on television by the likes of Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.
“I’ve been going on at the Beeb for a few years, telling them that business isn’t about a man getting out of Rolls-Royce and shouting ‘You’re fired!’ at people.“And it shouldn’t be about humiliating someone with a bright idea, making them feel stupid and saying you won’t invest in them, as in Dragons’ Den.
If the public just got this one idea, it would be worth the airtime;
“Only business generates the wealth which pays the taxes which funds the public sector.
Goose...golden eggs...destroyed through ignorance of the wealth producing process.

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