Monday, April 7, 2014

How many Poles does it take?

Almost 70% of the young-uns, says MP Artur Debski, and he means to find out why;
A Polish MP has flown to Britain to live as a migrant worker on £100 a week to find out why so many from his country [over 1 million in the last decade] prefer the UK to home.
Artur Debski arrived on a budget flight over the weekend, is currently looking for a job, and is living in a £10 a night room in Wandsworth, south-west London.
Mr Debski is heading to the Job Centre to find work because he believes the system could be used back home.
....'The first job is not important for Polish people in the UK. It is normally low paid. I will be happy to work in a kitchen or as a cleaner. I hope to earn £6.50 [~$11 USD] an hour and stay for at least ten days'.
Maybe he should stay home and ask the European Central Bank about their monetary policy.

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